BrowserCaps is devoted to providing World Wide Web users with a quicker, more reliable Internet experience. The company does this in three vitally important ways:

  • One stop browser compatibility testing: BrowserCaps provides clients with a single platform from which clients can check to make sure that their websites or web pages run properly across a variety of web browsers. This means BrowserCaps clients never miss out on a prospective customer because that customer's browser wasn't able to access critical website features.
  • Huge browser reference library: The BrowserCaps knowledge base is a dynamic tool that's constantly being updated by user experiences. This makes it the most up to date reference for web designers who want to know whether a specific browser will collaborate with their website code.
  • BrowserCap software: BrowserCap Software optimizes browser performance so that the website’s users who visit most often are more easily cached. BrowserCap also facilitates the type of A/B testing that web designers and developers rely upon to fine tune the website creation process.

The History of BrowserCaps

In the Internet's Jurassic era -- sometimes known as the late 1990s -- BrowserCaps was one of the best-known names on the Internet. The site was one of the original cross-browser testing sites that allowed developers to see whether their sites and programs were compatible with multiple web browsers.

The company derived its name from the in the HttpBrowserCapabilities class that can be declared at the machine, site, application, and subdirectory levels.

Though the BrowserCaps website was extremely popular, BrowserCaps and its parent company Pragmatica ceased all product-related operations in September 1998.

As the World Wide Web continues to expand, however, there is a greater need for cross browser testing than ever before. Computer makers and software developers don't talk about this, but 40 percent of every business's potential customers are accessing the Internet using operating systems and web browsers that are three years past their release date. No business should lose out on that amount of prospective business, and with BrowserCaps, they don't have to.