Browser Info


BrowserCaps' software product BrowserCap is a tool for making your Internet browsing experiences more efficient and for optimizing your own content delivery.

BrowserCap is designed to cache frequently visited sites more efficiently. Users who operate BrowserCap will experience quicker page downloads resulting in more efficient browsing experiences on the websites they visit most often. BrowserCap software has been tested on current versions of all browsers and many archived versions as well.

BrowserCap can help your business save money on bandwidth costs, which is a huge advantage for companies that are using metered Internet connections or slower ISPs. Caching and reusing frequently requested web pages also improves your response times, optimizing the data flow between client and server. BrowserCap supports thousands of websites.

BrowserCap's administrative controls allow you to determine what content you want to cache and where you want to store that cached content on your own computer or server. BrowserCap checks to see if the content you're interested in is already cached. If it is, you have the option of redownloading it if the cache has changed, or of preserving the existing cache. You can change the expiration times on BrowserCap as well so that browser caches on the websites you follow are updated on any schedule between once every sixty minutes to once every 30 days.

Use BrowserCap for a variety of different purposes:

  • Use BrowserCap to validate alternative website designs. While you're building your website, you can use BrowserCap to see which version of your HTML code actually loads and performs better.
  • Use BrowserCap for usability testing to get feedback on your most heavily trafficked pages so that you can improve them.
  • Use BrowserCap for multivariate testing to see which combination of headlines, images etc. maximizes response from prospective customers.
  • Use BrowserCap for behavioral targeting. Experiment with customized content and personalized offers to see which ones are better at converting occasional visitors into repeat customers.
  • Use BrowserCap to determine usage patterns. See which links, buttons and pieces of dynamic content users are responding to and which they are ignoring.