Conformance and Scoring Information


Browser conformance means adherence to the requirements of a particular set of web content accessibility guidelines. The current standard is WCAG 2.0, which was published as a recommendation by the World Wide Web consortium in December 2008. These guidelines are intended to be objective criteria for determining whether website content is accessible to all users.

Browser conformance can vary widely, which is one reason why browser compatibility tests are carried out. Popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox typically have the highest conformance scores. Safari and Internet Explorer browsers typically have lower scores.

BrowserCaps uses these criteria to score browser functionality. Browsers can earn a score between -10 and +10 depending upon how well they are able to render individual pieces of HTML code. Browser scores are determined by the weighted average of each individual test. BrowserCaps allows users to select all or some from the suite of HTML tests. If a browser is submitted to fewer than 60 percent of the tests on the BrowserCaps site, it is not rated.

Numerical scores indicate the following:

  • 10 point(s) – The bare minimum for operability under existing standards
  • 7 point(s) – Not yet included, but likely to be included in the next set of HTML standard revisions
  • 6 point(s) – Required by existing standards, but in the process of being phased in
  • 6 point(s) - Required by existing SGML standards, but not required by existing HTML standards
  • 5 point(s) – World Wide Web Consortium has it under consideration for inclusion in the next set of HTML standards
  • 4 point(s) – Not an HTML or SGML standard, but consistent with standards
  • 2 point(s) - Not an HTML or SGML standard, but suggested for stylistic reasons
  • 0 point(s) - unknown or unclassified
  • 0 point(s) - vendor extension
  • - 2 point(s) - Neither an HTML or SGML standard, nor a stylistic enhancement
  • -4 point(s) – Prohibited by HTML or SGML standards, but frequently observed and tolerated
  • -8 point(s) - Prohibited by HTML or SGML standards, rarely observed and never tolerated

BrowserCaps invites feedback and comments about our scoring system for browser compliance.